We're the Florence + the Machine Fan Club; the largest fan-run site for everything Florence + the Machine related. We don't make any money from what we do, and this is not our full-time job either.

Maintained by 4 main admins, the fan club was established in 2008 on MySpace, and two years later migrated to Facebook and Twitter platforms to reach more fans. Since then, we've expanded to YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+ and have formed various connections with the band themselves and other fan sites alike. We've also set up a fan magazine with fan-features and lots of other content to keep every Flow up-to-date with the fandom news.

We're proud to say that we've been recognised by Florence Welch and her management, and work with them when possible to provide the best fan experience. This includes gifts from you to the band, competitions, and even interviews with Florence and other band members.


PLEASE NOTE: we do not accept booking requests, autograph requests, or video or photo requests. Please do not contact us regarding the above matters.



As an international fan club, we work closely with many national fan clubs to provide the best fan experience. Our closest partners are the Florence + the Machine Fan Club PL of Poland. Together, we have organised a meeting with Florence, coordinated fan competitions and events, and attended shows exclusively to provide the best insight to you as fans.

Crowdmix is an online social music community. We plan on working with them in the future to provide the best experience for our fans.