Interview with Florence Welch - Fan Club Exclusive

We were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to conduct an exclusive question and answer session with none other than Florence Welch herself! We asked you back in April 2013 to send in your questions, which we then put to Flo. Here are her answers:

Hannah Mcgregor, Ankit Kapoor – How does it feel when people say that you are their idol and that you inspire them (i.e. people getting tattoos like Emily above?)

Usually I feel quite protective over them because I almost feel a little responsible for their head space. I know my head can be quite a dark place and I know I’ve been quite conflicted when I’m writing songs, so when someone is very connected with a song they may have gone through something similar so that makes me feel protective.

But it’s also weird because in your own head when you’re walking around you don’t feel very inspiring.

Terri Robbins – What was your last dream? 
It was a bad one, it was about all my ex boyfriends

Aisling Devery, Kate Litman, @WeAreShining_ – What Hogwarts house would you put yourself and the other band members in? 
The people in this room think I’d be a Hufflepuff

Rob and Chris - Griffindor

Isa - Ravenclaw
Tom - Slytherin,  because he’s an evil genius

Mark - Hufflepuff, with me

Rusty - Ravenclaw

Federica Calzolaio – What’s the strangest thing a fan’s ever told you/done?

People send me lots of things to make spells with, haven’t quite figured out how to use them yet...

Cheyenne Rose Gentry – What’s your favourite meal/food?  


Shannon Lafferty, Michael Kayaerts, Liza Gayduk, Katie Simpson, Miranda Lorance – Where do gifts you get at concerts/stuff you are sent end up? 

I keep them in my tour case and then my mum archives everything. 

Laura Van Meel, Georgia Barlow – What’s your favourite song to perform live and why? 
It usually correlates directly to whatever I’m going through at the time, if I’ve been having a tough time I find Shake It Out really cathartic. It’s weird though sometimes half way through singing or performing, a different meaning will come to me or I’ll see the song in a different way.

Maggie Nguyen, April Thompson – What’s been the most embarrassing moment in your career? 

There have been loads, my whole life is just a whirlwind of embarrassment!

Janna (@jannamayy) – What’s your favourite thing to have on toast? 

Really good question – peanut butter, or I did just buy some amazing fig jam.

@Sariya_97, Emilio Rodriguez – What one word would you use to describe us (the Flows)? 

I guess I’m always really inspired by everyone's creativity,  so I’d say creative but that one word wouldn’t some you guys up.

Annika Bonde – How did you and Isa meet? 

At various wowow squat parties and she used to baby sit my cousin. There’s an exhibition going on right now called from wowow to nownow at the movie museme, where you can see lost of pics of Isa


Ada Polcyn, SADling – Why is your instagram name “Ouhoh”? 

I asked my lovely PA Hannah to set it up for me because I can’t use the internet, but she’s also dyslexic so between the two of us we couldn’t spell uhoh properly and it ended up Ouhoh


@GirlWithOneEye9 – What thing is always in your fridge? 

Coconut water, pesto, yogurt


Jimena (@glitterwelch/@unnamedcried) – If you could name your fan-base anything other than the “Flows”, what would it be? 

@han_machinee – What’s been your favourite stage/red carpet outfit? 
The Givenchy dinosaur dress


@Jannamayy – What colour best represents your personality and why? 

Sea green because that’s the colour of my eyes and I’m obsessed with the ocean for some unknown reason


@flawkward – What was your favourite music video to make?  

What the water gave me because I didn’t have to do that much


Aleksandra Mielec – What does the line 'up against the wall on the Wednesday afternoon' (Heartlines) mean?

That’s a secret!!