Don't Go Blindly Into The Dark - Florence Welch by Vincent Haycock

Exciting news for anyone who is already missing new projects from Florence Welch and the Machine as their hiatus approaches. Vincent Haycock, director and photographer who has directed many of Florence’s previous videos (including Sweet Nothing, The Odyssey, and Lover to Lover) has worked on another project with Florence Welch.

The project is called ‘Don’t Go Blindly Into the Dark’, which is a line from the unreleased Florence + the Machine song ‘Light of Love’.

Only two lines have been released from the song:

Don't go blindly into the dark
Every one of us shines the light of love

The project includes a book capturing some of Florence and Vincent's most intimate behind the scenes moments, and an exhibition held in Lobe Block on 6th September in Berlin, between 7pm and 12pm. There will also be a special screening of The Odyssey at the Hackesch Höfe cinema on 7th September.

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